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The public is informed that for the Christmas and New Year celebrations the Embassy will be closed from 22/12/2022 to 02 January 2023 inclusive. In case of Emergency please call the number

Opening Hours of the Visa Section

Monday – Friday
09h:30 am – 12h:30 pm, reception of the public
13h:30 -16h:00: internal services

For an application visa or any other  service,
we inform you that there is no need to make an appointment.

INFORMATION: The following information applies to Citizens and Nationals of ALL COUNTRIES, except citizens of the following countries: Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe as they do not require an entry visa, when travelling to Mozambique for Tourism. However, if you area wishing to Work, Study or settling in Mozambique you are also required to apply for entry visa.

WARENING: The Borders Visa are only issued to persons residing in a country with no Mozambican Diplomatic Representation. If you live in France, you will have to apply for a Visa in our Embassy.

Your Visa application must first be sent by e-mail to, before being physically submited at the Embassy.

  • Visa Request Form Completed and signed (Click to download )
  • Valid Passport for at least 6 months, with at least  2 consecutive blank pages
  • Copy of the first page of the Passport withthe photo
  • 2 Passport size photograph (recent and ID format)
  • A copy of the tickets from France to Mozambique or a copy of the flight and hotel confirmation from your travel agencies (this document must be detailed, signed and stamped by the travel agency)
  • Hotel/Hostel booking confirmation (official confirmation /receipt of payment) (see example 1)
  • Travel insurance delivered by your Bank or Insurance
  • If you are a Tourist for  about 1 month or even more: Proof of solvency (Payslips or recent bank statement or last taxes on earnings)
  • If you entering by the land border (car, bus or boat):  Details of the travel and entery information 
  • If you are foreign citizen living in France: Copy of your Frech ID or a Residence Proof
  • If under 18 years old children traveling: A copy of the birth certificate or of the “Livret de famille” and  the travel autorisation of both parents signed and certified if the children are traveling alone or without 1 of the 2 parents.

ATENTION: Depending on your visa category, other documents will be required. See the list below:

For visit visa – If visiting family members or friends: (see example 2)

  • The Term of Responsibility (this document must be signed by the host and authenticated by an official Notary, also attache the copy of his/her ID or DIRE).

For business visa : (Click to download )

  • A mission letter issued by your organization in France
  • Letter of invitation from the official or business institution in Mozambique, (if travelling for private/official business or volunteer activities)
  • A copy of the Alvará (company’s registration certificate).

For a work  visa : (Click to download )

  • Copy of the Work permit and employment contract authorized by the competent authorities (e.g. Ministry of Labour or other Ministries)
  • Criminal Record Certificate and Health Check;
  • Term of Responsibility or declaration of your employee;
  • National Social Security Registration ( Registo de INSS).

For a residency / Long stay visa : (Click to download )

  • Copy of the Work permit and employment contract of your hasband/partner;
  • Criminal Record Certificate and Health Check;
  • Proof of Financial/Maintenance guarantee, if you are applying for a Residence Permit;
  • Immigration Office autorisation to submit to a Residence Visa. (directely sent to our Embassy)

For a training or student visa: (Click to download )

  • University admission letter or training certificate issued by the company responsible for your training in Mozambique
  • The letter of your University in France

For Journalist visa: (Click to download )

  • You must contact the “Gabinete de Informação (Information Office) in Mozambique for authorisation, before applying for a Visa.

Contact details of GABINFO:

Tel: +258 21 49 21 75 / +258 82 80 08 290,
Telefax: + 258 21 49 02 09

  1. The Issuance of a Visa can take less or longer than usual
  2. The payment of the Visa fee is not a guarantee that a Visa will be issued and the Visa Fee is not refundable
  3. Applicants may be asked for an interview
  4. Additional documents may be required
  5. Applicants from some nationalities may take slightly longer pending a decision from Immigration Office in Mozambique.


Tax & Normal Service Tax & Express Service Tax & Normal Service  Tax & Express Service Tax & Normal Service Tax & Express Service
VISA 15 Days 7 Days  15 Days  7 Days 15 Days  7 Days
1 Diplomatic visa FREE OF CHARGE
2 Official visa FREE OF CHARGE
3 Courtesy visa FREE OF CHARGE
4 Student visa 200€
5 Humanitarian visa 200€
6 Toristic /Visit visa 60€ 110 € 150€ 200€ 300€
7 Sport/Cultural visa 60€ 110 € 150€ 200€ 300€
8 Business visa 150€ 225 € 300€ 450€ 500 € 750 €
9 Jornalis /press visa 150€ 225 € 300€ 450€ 500 € 750 €
10 Residency visa (P.T C.R) 400€ 600€ 500€ 750€ 600 € 900€
11 Visa for Investment 500€ 750€ 600€ 850€ 900 € 1.250€
12 Work visa (work Permit) 500€ 750€ 600€ 850€ 900 € 1.250€
13 Transit visa 50€ 100€ N/A
1 Legalização/Homologação 60€
2 Procuração 50€
3 Autentificação 50€
4 Averbamento 50€
5 At. Capacidade Matrimonial 35€
6 Registo de Nascimento 35€
7 Atestados /Declarações 15€
8 Tradução de Documentos (Consulatar a lista de tradutores oficiais em anexo)


CREDIT /DEBIT CARDS, at the Embassy;

Person or Company’s CHECKS payable to” Ambassade du Mozambique”

BANK TRANSFER Payable to the Mozambique Embassy Account Number: 40094101022

SORT CODE / IBAN: IBAN/RIB: RIB: FR76 1261 9000 0140 0941 0102 262.
BANK NAME: Caixa Geral de Depositos.

The applicants must pay all required commission fees for a complete transaction and must attach the bank transfer confirmation made to the Embassy of Mozambique France.

Please Note: Cash or vouchers are not accepted.


The Visa application must be submitted 2 or 4 weeks before the date of your expected journey

Single Entry Visa allows one entry and the length of stay can range from 1 TO 30 DAYS (renewable to a maximum of 90 days, provided that the Visa is still valid at the moment of application).

Multiple Entry Visa allows more than one entry during the validity of the Visa (3 MONTHS). The length allowed for visitors’ stay during each entry will be spelt out in the Visa.


Applicants who wish to apply for their Visa by post are required to send all the Visa Requirements using registered postal services AND to supply a self-addressed stamped and registered envelope for the return of their passports. VERY IMPORTANT: The Consular Section is NOT LIABLE for loss or delay of the applications or documents. YOU MUST ALSO BE IN FRANCE AND REACHABLE AT THE TIME YOU ARE APPLYING FOR YOUR VISA.

Please Note: Work, Residency, Student and Journalist Visas must be done directly at the Embassy by the applicants.

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